1001 South African Stories

1001 South African Stories is a project that uses storytelling as a mechanism to connect South Africans.

Through oral history we explore South Africa’s troubled and complex history. More contemporary personal narratives help to unpack South Africa’s present.

The aim of the project is to contribute to a more cohesive and inclusive understanding of South Africa’s history.

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AquaSavvy founder speaks of the need to tell stories during Cape Town’s water crisis: Bernelle Verster on soundcloud



Let’s talk regeneration

Let’s Talk Regeneration is a multimedia campaign and web discussion series that supports the creation of a Long-Term Regenerative Plan for South Africa. It is an invitation to dream and a call to action, awakening the more beautiful world we all desire.

Let’s Talk Regeneration features conversations with a bunch of awesome Re-generators: activists, academics, artists, designers, elders, farmers, scientists, economists, nature custodians, youth, exploring a spectrum of questions, themes and solutions.

The series paints a picture of what a regenerative world looks and feels like, suggests a pathway towards this world through ecological design and some simple steps to take along the path.

Our aim is to stimulate discussion and action towards regeneration on an ecological, social and personal level; and to support the formation of a regenerative storytelling network.

Join us on this journey to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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Let’s Talk Regeneration Web Discussion Series