Creating regenerative cultures around water

AquaSavvy is based on the concept of Water Sensitive Design (WSD).

Water Sensitive Design is about redesigning our world to  thrive with limited resources. The concept is aimed at policy makers, governance and urban planners, but as individuals perhaps it is harder for us to rip up our roads and redo our urban planning. AquaSavvy is about being water sensitive as an everyday person.

This is a campaign about creating regenerative cultures around water. It hopes to inspire and guide individuals, groups, corporates, industry and entire cities and catchments to become more water sensitive. A big part of that is to translate academic research into everyday language, images, icons and step-by-step guides that help everyday people to make decisions.

AquaSavvy is currently hosted by the Future Water Research Institute at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and as such has an ear on the heartbeat of the most current research.

The biggest and most important specific goal for AquaSavvy is to showcase research on water sensitivity relevant to South Africa in everyday language. The most important audience is everyday people. There is a lot going on for practitioners, academics, policy makers, etc etc etc, but sometimes us normal people just want to know what we can do, too.

What is Water Sensitivity?

Water is the foundation of a well functioning urban system. It is the key to liveable spaces (quoted from The Source Magazine).

The International Water Association (IWA) recently created a set of principles for Water-Wise Cities, on which we base our judgement criteria.