SaniSavvy is a Self-Sustaining Modular Sanitation Biorefinery System.

SaniSavvy is a decentralised sanitation system that recycles water and recovers useful by-products from sanitary waste. Using a biorefinery approach, nutrient- and water-rich “wastes” that are conventionally flushed away will instead be used for composting; for creating biomass for products like biofuels, pigments and aquafeed; for liquid fertiliser and for irrigation or (if sufficiently treated) potable water. While recovering resources from sanitary wastes is not a new concept, this novel integrated design allows for source separation of and value recovery from faeces, urine and water within a modular, rapidly deployable, scalable mobile unit tailored for rural, peri-urban and off-the-grid urban users. SaniSavvy is not merely functional but also aesthetically pleasing, results in zero waste, and incorporates a self-sustaining energy source.

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